• Here's what our patients have to say about 
    Dr. Pranay Gupta and Virginia Eye Specialists...
  • In 2005, I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome.  As a result of this disease, I had been suffering with dry eyes and blurry vision.  Prior to meeting Dr. Gupta, I used OTC Refresh Tears to lubricate my eyes with little to no relief.  When I met Dr. Gupta, he offered me another solution - silicone plugs to block my tear ducts.  This minor outpatient procedure has changed my life.  Not only do my eyes feel lubricated, but I can see well.  Thank you Dr. Gupta!
  • - Linda Mangum  Boydton, Virginia
  • I've been wearing glasses and contact lenses since I was a young child. Throughout the years, I have had many eye doctors. Dr. Gupta's attention to detail and gentle manner makes him the best I've ever had. He has made me realize that good vision cannot be taken for granted. He will strive to achieve your best sight possible - as he has done for many others.
  • - Juddi Yeh  Richmond, Virginia

    It's been two years since I have had LASIK surgery on both of my eyes with Dr. Gupta.  My only regret is that I did not get it done sooner.  Dr. Gupta's thorough pre-operative evaluation allowed me make the decision to have surgery and to feel comfortable with that decision. Currently, my vision is 20/15 in both eyes.  Dr Gupta says that with my vision I could play major-league baseball if only I could actually play!

    - Rakhi V  Baltimore, Maryland

    Professional service.  Friendly staff.  Excellent results!

    - Mary Brown  Lawrenceville, Virginia


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